Meet Some of Our Vendors

Beasley Farm

Local farm in Brooksville.  They have conventional produce every week and farm fresh produce when available.

TJ'S Ornaments

Beautiful handmade light post designs.

Florida Backyard Vegetable Gardener
Growin' Crazy Acres

I am a Florida licensed nursery and seed dealer.  I offer only organic heirloom vegetable plants and seeds.  I only grow and sell plants and seeds that I have saved or grown myself successfully. I identify plants that are suitable for Florida and naturally adapt them even further to our climate, that is my main objective.

I always have seasonal plants, seeds, organic fertilizer and more every week at the market. 

Come Unity Garden

"Come Unity Garden sources the fruit in our chef-made jams, jellies, and marmalades from local farmers; to produce delightful seasonal flavors of Hernando County! 

Our Pure Grown Living Microgreens are raised only in well water from heirloom seeds.

Kombucha has been in our family for 5 generations! Now we teach you to make it at home with one of our Living SCOBYs.

Our baking mixes are also recipes that have been in the family for generations and graced the tables of Admirals in our chef's career."

As Always,


Dog Gone Heathly

Dog Gone Healthy & Cats too! - We make All Natural Treats! Everything is China Free, By-Product Free, and No - Fillers.

Edens Nectar

Local Raw Honey

Sold by season, Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter

in 4 convenient sizes to fit your everyday needs.

We also have Bee Pollen, Honeycomb and

our popular cinnamon whipped honey.  So stop in and see Pat and let her sample you some of our great products........

Better Baked Goods

All Non GMO Sugars & sweeteners

Our mission at Better Baked Goods is to create a line of baked goods that are healthier for us by using gluten free, protein packed, high fiber flours.  Agave nectar, maple syrup, and honey allows us to sweeten our baked goods without adding traditional sugar.


 We only use organic coconut oil, non hydrogenated palm oil and butter fat.  

Our products do not contain additional preservatives.

Veritas Soap Company

Our company, Veritas Soap Co., became a reality when we could not find bath and body products ANYWHERE that didn't contain harmful chemicals, plastics, and dangerous preservatives (benzenes, poly/ethyl/methyl-parabens, detergents, formaldehyde, silicones, petrochemicals, etc.). Now although some of these products have been deemed safe by the Food & Drug Administration, they haven't addressed that most of these compounds when used in conjunction with each other can be caustic and even carcinogenic.

Conscious of the Worlds health and the proverbial "pocketbook", we wanted to create products that nourish, envigorate, empower, and heal, NOT break your bank account. We know there are consumers out there that aren't necessarily concerned with the products they use so we also created items that aren't strictly organic but have natural elements found in nature and only the safest of synthetics. Our colorants are made with natural pigments, ultramarines, micas & oxides, & FD&C colorants (only in a few bars to achieve a certain "look"). We use essential and naturally fragranced oils & resins. Our fragrance oils have been tested for safety, carcinogens, allergens, and skin irritants by The Reasearch Institute for Fragrant Materials. We choose to use Fragrance Oils WITHOUT Phthalates (liquid plastic). Where fresh ingredients are used, we will include either Citric Acid or a preservative that is certified safe for Organic Cosmetics by Ecocert.

Green CBD

Our Mission Statement   Healthy Green CBD Oil mission is to offer users a safe, effective, Alternative to prescription painkillers, other toxic drugs and over the counter drugs that contain harsh chemical compounds alien to natures perfect remedies.  Our licensed pharmacist compounds creams, oils, salves and edible products that are specially formulated with soothing botanicals, and natural plant based ingredients including precise combinations of the cannabinoid.  Our vision is to bring our customers natural procucts and understand that "Created by Nasture Chosen For its Purity"  

Young Living Essential Oils

We have health and wellness products without the harmful chemicals for you and your entire family including your pets.  Young Living is the only essential oils company that has a Seed to Seal guarantee on our quality.  Our essential oils are first distillation 100% Grade A therapeutic and include our Vitality collection that are FDA approved for internal use.  They were recently given the Non GMO certification also.  Other companies cannot claim either certification.  We have FDA approved over the counter strength Pain Relief Cream and Thieves Cough Drops.  Our diffusers have a 1 year guarantee as long as you use ONLY Young Living oils in them.  We have our NingXia Red drink with wolfberries and other fruit juices (stop by for a free sample).  This is possibly the highest antioxidant drink on earth.  Need an extra energy boost?  Try NingXia Nitro and/or NingXia Zyng.  Young Living is a membership company.  Purchase your membership under our member number 2564218 with any premium starter kit and we give you $25 back and access to an awesome oily education!  You get lifetime membership with NO annual renewal fees (Young Living does require one 50 PV order (usually $50) per year to maintain lifetime membership) and NO minimum monthly order or sales requirements.  We are So Much More Than Just Essential Oils!