Vendor Rules


Hernando County Farmers Market


All Vendors Set Up Tear Down


·         If you are not here by 9:45 we reserve the right to fill your spot with a vendor on location, you will then be moved to another spot upon arrival.


·         If you will not be coming the following week let Jodi know as soon as possible! If no notice your spot may be moved in the future. If you need to call during the week Call Jodi at 352-232-4241.


·         Vendors are responsible for providing and setting up their own tents, tables, chairs, quiet generator.     Cords Must Be Taped Down! No Cords Across The Street! All tents must be weighted down! No staking into asphalt is permitted. Electricity is very limited and is not provided for everyone, please check to see if you have electricity available to you. There are fees for using electricity!


·          Vendor spaces are 10’ x 10’ priced as follows:


One spot = $25                    Two spots = $45                   Three spots = $65


**If you pay a week in advance or it is your first time at our market we will give a reduced rate of:


One spot = $20                    Two spots = $35                   Three spots = $50


·          Tear-down is immediately following the event. You are expected to stay for the time the market is open. So, tear down will start at 3 p.m. and not before! This makes for a better market for all the vendors.


 Parking for vendors, We do not want to take any more customer spaces than we already are. Vendor parking is behind the fence line at the side of the building, there is a sign. If you are able to walk a little further then park farther back to leave some room up front for our vendors that can’t. So please park where you are told to in the morning. This is a requirement not an option!*****NEW **** Trucks with trailers and oversized trucks will have a parking area in the front lot all the way to the back!! Ask us we will tell you were it is!! This is ONLY for these types of vehicles!!! You CANNOT be parking in the neighboring plaza! 

  Although we close at 3 pm we still have customers shopping and coming in. For safety reasons we need you to tear down before you go get your car. Then Eric will be the person in charge of letting you know when it is safe to bring your car in!! You MUST check with him!!! Then you need to come in at an area where someone can make sure customers are safe. You need to go SLOW !! As in the morning if you have items that cannot sit on the ground a table may be left up. Nevertheless, no tent should be up before you bring your vehicle in!! ***Reminder*** You may NOT break down early except for an emergency and cleared by us!!! It is not fair to your neighbors or the customers!!

No-Show Policy and Cancelation Policy: As our application states we are a rain or shine market and we do not give refunds. However, there has been some confusion about this. Therefore, we want to make sure everyone understands the policy and consequences. We put a lot of time into planning the layout of the market. We will only take cancelations until Wednesday before the market without penalty and move a payment forward. After Wednesday, it will fall in the No Show category! There is a difference between a No Show and not scheduled to be there!

1st time you will lose your payment for that day (if you are a first timer or have not pre-paid you will lose the discount rate for your next time). To return you will have to prepay before a spot will be held for you.

2nd time you will have to pay for the No Show date and next date before you can come back. No spot number will be held for you either.

3rd time you may not be welcomed back to the market!
This is for all of us vendors who are there. A market with big empty holes is not expectable to the customers. It breaks the flow of traffic and just doesn’t look good. There is a reason the county has fallen in love with our market! We provided great vendors with top quality products in a nice setting for them and their families.

Rules for All Vendors


1.  Vendor applications must be submitted with full payment. Vendor application will be returned and the vendor will have to resubmit if not complete along with payment. Note: This may result in vendor spots being sold out by the time the vendor application and fees are re-submitted.


2. All vendors are subject to approval.


3. Any non-arts & crafts products must be approved in advance. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance or deny continued participation of any vendor or product that is not in complete compliance with all event rules and regulations.


4. All vendor locations will be assigned prior to the event. Failure to adhere to assignments could result in forfeiture of participation in future events and vendor may be requested to leave with no refund. We reserve the right to move or reassign vendor locations to enhance or facilitate the event structure and/or safety as deemed necessary.


5. No roaming vendors will be allowed.


6. Any deviation of vendor products from those listed on the application, subleasing to other vendors or sharing of booth space with other vendors without prior approval from could result in forfeiture of participation in future events and vendor may be requested to leave with no refund.


7. Any vendor found to be disruptive, aggressive, or blatantly disrespectful to other vendors, patrons, event staff, and committee members or to the event as a whole will be permanently ejected from the event and will result in a revocation of vendor status and forfeiture of participation in the future. PROBLEMS DURING EVENTS Eric is the one to go to if there are problems that needs to be taken care of during events. He will be walking around or at Dog Gone Healthy or can be reached at 352-410-1536


8. No Refunds. Vendor fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Requests for refunds or credit towards future events must be submitted in writing.


9. Farmers Market is a rain or shine event.




Street performers must apply. A limited number of performance spots will be available.



Food Vendors


In addition to the above stated rules, food vendors must adhere to the following additional guidelines.


1. All food vendors are required to be in compliance with State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and/or Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regulations. Food vendors may be required to have a temporary event license from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation or from the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services. The Hernando County Farmers Market is not responsible if the DBPR or Department of Agriculture do not let you sell at the event.


2. All food vendors and non-food vendors with open flames at their booth are required to have a 5 lb. ABC fire extinguisher with a current tag.


3. All food vendors cooking with grease or deep fryers are required to have tar paper underneath all cooking surfaces and must have a Class K Fire Extinguisher with a current inspection AND a 5 lb. ABC fire extinguisher with a current tag. *Note: No tar paper used underneath cooking surfaces will result in a cleaning charge of $100.


4. All food vendors’ tents must be certified flame retardant with flame retardant certificate available upon request for inspection.


5. All food vendors must have current general liability insurance. We must have a copy on file!

INSURANCE REQUIREMENT: All Food vendors must provide proof of liability insurance in the amount of $1 million per occurrence. Hernando County Farmers Market must be named as additionally insured (see 1-2 below). Hold harmless forms do not apply to food vendors.


1. Certificate Holder information should read:

Hernando County Farmers Market, Inc.

5344 Culbreath Road

Brooksville, FL.  34601


2. Description of operations should read:

Hernando County Farmers Market, Inc. as additional insured in regards to General Liability.